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Gretel Schoukens and Tomaž Kremžar. Husband and wife from different countries. We must already bridge the language differences in our marriage.

Now we do it professionally for you too.

We offer our translation services under the trademark LINGUADUCT d.o.o.

Gretel Schoukens

I obtained my Masters degree at the university of Antwerp, “HIVT” (Institute for translators and interpreters). I then added Slovene to my source-languages, after an intensive language course at the university of Ljubljana; completing that course with the officially requested Slovene exam in 2004.

Since 2003, I have been working as a translator from French, German and Slovenian into Dutch.


Tomaž Kremžar

I obtained my Masters degree at the university of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts (Department of Classical Philology). I translated only from Latin and Greek in the very beginning. However, I improved my knowledge of modern languages attending various language courses and obtained certificates for this languages. I devoted myself professionally only to translating, after teaching classical languages at a college for few years.

Since 2005, I have been working as a translator from Dutch, English and German into Slovenian.



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